Donating Stock

Blessings in a Backpack can feed kids on the weekend because of people like you. Donating stock is a great way to help feed kids on the weekend, which benefits both the giver and the recipient. To ensure we can feed as many kids as possible, we make donating stock and appreciated securities easy.

Below is our brokerage information. As with all serious financial decisions, you should consult your trusted advisors when donating stock.

Brokerage House: Wells Fargo Advisors
Account Name: Blessings in a Backpack
DTC #: 0141
Account #: 6931-7320
Reference: Donor name (please make sure to include your name and contact information to ensure we can get you the necessary tax information/recognition)
Blessings Tax ID: 26-1964620
Contact: J.L. Patty, (502) 561-5046

*Please notify Maggie Jackson at if you intend to transfer stock to our account electronically. Doing so helps us ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible!